Notes export with grey blocks in or by them, how can I get rid of these?


When I export a 2D graphic of my model, which has notes within it, the notes’ boxes sometimes have awkward grey blocks within them. Why is this and how can I avoid it? Thank you!

The issue can be seen in the two lower notes here:


maybe video card not fully OpenGL compatible (e.g. intel HD/Iris series), disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” inside SketchUp and check if the issue gets fixed.

if yes, update to the recent driver of your video card… or switch to a dedicated video card.


Thank you @sketch3d_de ! I’ll do just that, so it’s definitely not something you think can be altered within Sketchup? It’s external to the programme?

Many thanks for your help!


In fact if I export the image at a lower pixel setting (resolution- I think), it seems the grey boxes vanish. That’s a possible option, but the lovely crisp lines deteriorate too! Ah well


dunno what you mean, just disable the setting mentioned above “within SketchUp” and export again, of course in the resolution you prefer… besides out of the boundaries SU can do.


Sorry! I meant to say that I’ve found out when I export it at a lower resolution the grey boxes go away. Many thanks for your help!!