Export 2D & animation - problem


Am using Windows.

I have a problem exporting 2D and animations; while my house that I have drawn has walls in different coulors on the screen in the program, the 2D-picture and animation that I get have no walls at all - just sticks for where I have drawn lines.

I have tried exporting a lesser advanced picture and updating to SketchUp 2015 Pro - all without solving my problem. Would be extremly happy for any help, since this is to be used in my presentation next week in a university course in property developing.



This is a graphics card driver issue.
try updating the driver
if that doesn’t help, try turning off OpenGL Hardware Acceleration (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL) and restarting SketchUp before printing or exporting. Large models zoom and orbit slowly without Hardware Acceleration.
also, if your computer has both a graphics card and an Intel graphics chip (many laptops do), go to the graphics card’s 3D application settings and make sure that Sketchup is set to use the graphics card and not the Intel chip.