Export drops colors and shadings in video and image set


First test to video, I loaded items from warehouse with color and built a box with wood texture, created multiple scenes and they look fine. I exported to video mp4 and avi and image set. The figures are now all transparent no color or texture. Running on Win 7 64 with std Intel HD card. What am I missing? I’m a newbee so it’s probably something basic.

inapp image

exported imageset

inapp monchrome


all raster based outputs for display/printer/export are dependend on the OpenGL support of the video driver, if not fully supported by the driver of e.g. integrated video solutions as e.g. your intel HD output issues as described may occur.

disable “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” and try again.


Basically you are missing a graphics card. Intel chips don’t support OpenGL well.

If your models are not overly big or detailed, you can probably survive without hardware OpenGL support. In SketchUp, go to Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL, untick “Use Hardware acceleration” and restart SketchUp.

If possible (usually you need to have a desktop computer) buy and install a separate graphics card. Nvidia-based seem to work best. Almost any will work better than your current setup.



Thanks, that did it. Might be time for a new system. :slight_smile: