Can't Export 2D Images

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We’ve seen this before when graphics drivers are out of date or the graphics card isn’t up to the task. You most likely need to update the graphics drivers. What is your graphics card really? Your profile doesn’t show the correct graphics card.

I have an Intel HD Graphics Family.
The drivers are update at day.
I don;t understand why doesn’t work, I working video editing and vectorial graphics with this laptop and all working very well.

Intel HD Graphics are well-known for the less than adequate support of OpenGL.

If you have Use Fast Feedback turned on, you could try turning it off.

Every other time we’ve seen the sort of raster exports you showed, the cause has been the graphics adapter and/or its drivers.

Do your video editor and vector graphics programs rely on OpenGL?

Please correct your profile with the right information about your graphics card.

Yes, Corel Draw and PowerDirector and other video editors.use OpenGL.

I’ll repeat:

Please correct your forum profile. It says your graphics are Realtek.

Very few other applications stress the OpenGL system the way that SketchUp does. The fact that these run ok says nothing about whether SketchUp will be happy.

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Why working when I export in pdf?
This is ok, just like picture files doesn’t work. :frowning:

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