Not sure how to describe this rendering problem

In sketchup when I move the picture or even just move my mouse or zoom the various surfaces partially disapear.
In this simple example I drew a simple rectangle, then used the PushPull tool to raise the top. I also filled the top surface to make the problem easier to see, but the problem existed before that. In this picture, the only visible surface should be the yellow top of the box, and it should extend to the mans neck.
Sketchup2021-03-20 082148|625x500

What is this behavior called?
Is this a problem with graphics card?

Another screenshot before scrolling:

If you pulled the rectangle up and the yellow is supposed to be the top, why can we see the back faces? It appears that the yellow is the bottom of a box instead.

This looks like a bit of clipping but really hard to tell. Can you please upload the model in your reply so we can look into it?

after panning:

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" why can we see the back faces?" Yes, that is the problem!
I will upload the model.

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The sketchup model:
GraphicsTest.skp (188.0 KB)

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In your profile you say you’re using the free web version of sketchup. But your screenshot is clearly from Make 2017, a desktop version from years ago.

You might have to update your video card drivers as this might be an issue with that.

Thanks for sharing. I don’t see the same thing as you, so it’s not your model or software. It’s definitely your computer causing this issue. You probably have a graphics card issue so look into updating drivers as I’ve heard that can help.

Yes, its the free desktop version. I have updated the drivers, but stilll seeing the problem. Thanks for your help. I’ll keep looking.

Go to the manufacturors website for the latest drivers. Do not let Windows tell you that they are up to date!!

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I see nothing unusual in the file you posted. Were the screenshots taken from a view that used Parallel Projection?

I too recommend that you go to the AMD website and download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card

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For the record, the problem was that the AMD Radeon graphics card actually has pretty crappy Open GL support. The research I had done in advance didn’t show that, but researching the problem after the fact I found some people had reported problems.

I replaced it with a Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GD3 LP (and updated the drivers!) and now it works fine.