Maker display issue

Just a beginner here with the complimentary Sketchup Make. I am probably in the wrong community bu t can’t really find where I can ask this question. Please indulge me or instruct me as to where I am suppose to get my answer.

I installed the Sketchup Maker program no problems. Started using it, have some experience with it, and drew a circle, then “push-pulled” it. When I went to get closer to the object, it looked like the front most facing part cut away. Like you sliced it off and could see inside! Please, what am I doing wrong here. I really need helps I haveafew projects that need this program.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me.



Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2012 Pro although that version never existed. Perhaps you could fix your profile.

This sounds like something called Clipping. Are you working with the camera set to Parallel Projection? If so, clipping wouldn’t be unusual. Set the camera to Perspective and then use Zoom Extents to move the camera back away from the model.

Share a screen shot of what you are seeing. That will help us help you. So will identifying the right SketchUp version. Please also add which OS version and your graphics card as that information can help us help you, too.


How do I paste pictures in this response???

I tried and all that showed up was a string of Alpha/Numeric stuff.


Sorry to be such a pain. But I do appreciate it .

You should be able to just drag and drop the screenshot into the reply.

I tried that but all that shows up is the string as described before . . . Like below!

OH, I guess after I send it, it changes to the pic? I’lltry again to send the requested stuff.

I can’t tell from your screen shot but do you have the camera set to Parallel Projection? Try what I suggested setting the camera to Perspective and hitting Zoom Extents.

OK, now for the “facts”

Before I. zoom;

After I zoom;

Computer specs requested;
Image 12-15-20 at 7.57 PM

I think that’s all you wanted. If not, I’ll send more.


That did it! Amazing. . . Drinks on me ! ! !

Many thanks DaveR.

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Excellent. And thanks.

Please sort out your forum profile so next time we don’t have to ask.

Have a good evening.