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Hi all,
I’m having display problems in sketchup PRO. On the screen certain parts of the model disappear or appear only partially. When I export or save it’s not as bad but it’s still there. The lines projected on the surface also appear all twisted except when I enter the group they find their straight and curved form … I’ve got a MacBook Pro with an M1 graphics card that’s less than a year old, so I’d be surprised if it’s a problem with computing and the graphics card…
I have created the topo surface directly from an 3D cad file. The .skp file is 50Mo, is it too big?
Thanks for your help.

Make sure that you model is near to the axis of SketchUp.

Weird things like this can happen if you’ve located your geometry a long way away.

Thank you for your message.
When importing the .dxf, sketchup is warning me that an object is far from the origin but I can’t find it. I have purged the cad and when I zoom extend both in Cad and Sketchup it doesn’t zoom out. It only shows the topo surface. Just like it is suppose to do when there is no object far away…
The topo surface is right on the origin as we can see here when I zoom extend.
I have created a new file with just this topo surface and the aerial projected, the problem remain.

If you can upload your SKP to wetransfer and share it, I’m happy to see what it does here.

Thank you so much

Took me a little while to figure it out

The group that the terrain geometry is in is 7000km away from the Axis.
This is causing the issue.

Double click into the group and move it back to the axis and it will behave itself.
You might need to reposition it in your model again

Good catch. That’s a greater distance than from my house to Paris, France! No wonder the graphics card is struggling.

wiggly floating point precision fun.

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It works! Thanks mate. For my knowledge where did you found out that the geometry was 7000km away?

Well I knew what was happening is caused by that - when I edited the group I hit “zoom extents” and it zoomed right out. I then used the tape measure to see just how far away from the axis it was.