My model is all jagged and when I zoom in in Perspectives in completely disappears

My model has all of a sudden become all jagged and flashed when I move around it. When I click on some of the surfaces it’s like they’re not there, I am unable to select them. Also, when I’m in Perspectives view it completely disappears when I get anywhere near it.

What I see in your screenshot looks like graphics artifact. Which Mac OS? what graphics card?

Please share your .skp file so we can see what it looks like on another machine and help you out. I’ll guess it’s larger than 16 Mb so upload it to Dropbox or We Transfer and share the link.

I have seen a model exhibiting what you described. It was located vey far from the axes origin.

Try moving the model close to the origin and check that there is no unwanted geometry that remains far away.

These are just ideas. Seeing the model would help a lot.

I think I’ve found part of the problem, it say’s my file size is 385 MB. I have no idea why.
I’m on MacOS Monterey and I don’t know what a graphics card is.

That very well could be the problem. Excess stuff, model or at least part of it a long way from the origin.

Do as I requested. Upload it to DropBox or WE Transfer and share the link. I’ll take a look at it and see what might be done to fix it.

Having looked at your file I see the following:

First, as I suspected and so did @jean_lemire_1, the main part of your model is located at a long distance from the model’s origin. There’s no reason to have it over three and a quarter kilometers from the origin.

Leave the model axes turned on so you can see them and keep your model close to the origin.

Another issue comes from the location of the camera when you have it set to Parallel Projection.

There’s also a bunch of content at an even greater distance. Here’s what I got with Zoom Extents. The main part of your model is attached to the leader of the coordinates label as in the previous screenshot.

Things are so spread out that nothing but the text is visible when the camera is zoomed out to “see” it all.

I selected the main part of your model, inverted the selection, and deleted everything else. I thin moved the remains to the origin. Now the model looks good.

After that I fixed incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 10_11_2023 , 9_08_11 PM
I also purged unused stuff from the model.
Screenshot - 10_11_2023 , 9_10_56 PM
You need to do this periodically to keep your model cleaned up. Simply deleting components and materials from the model space doesn’t remove them from the file. What you have been doing is like bringing furniture home from the shops to try out in the space and then sticking them up into the attic if they aren’t suitable. You really need to get them off the property complete before the ceiling collapses on you.

The purging I did reduced the file size by about 75%. It’s still a huge file that could do with more of a diet but it’s better. Maybe you can get rid of the extra entourage floating around outside of the rooms. The plants are adding a fair amount of bloat to your model. I’ll send you a link to the purged file.


Thank you so much Dave!
How do I use Zoom Extents and how do I purge my files properly?

You’re quite welcome.

Zoom Extents is found in the Camera menu. It’s also on the Large Tool Set and the Camera tool palettes.

Easiest way to purge unused stuff is to go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and click on the button. I use a plugin to do it because it gives the report I showed but in the end it does the same thing.

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