Not seeing sketchup 2016 in my Applications support folder

I would like to edit my custom template ( title block ) in Layout 2016. on my iMac OS x el capitan

On my older computer using sketchup 2015 I was able to go to Library>application support> sketchup template… double click and then make my changes and save.

For one, I cannot see sketchup in my applications support folder. I don’t know if 2016 is different? or has it not been properly installed on my computer from the beginning? I’m able to work in the program & did a re install with an apple advisor? Perhaps quirks with sketchup and el capitan???

I cannot seem to find the answer on the internet.

Im stumped…Please help

User/<yourname>/Library/Application Support/…

it 'should have been in there since v14…


Oops! /Users

Are you able to view the pdf…This is what i view on screen

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.10.40 AM.pdf (270.9 KB)

You are looking at the system-level /Library folder, not the per-user ~/Library (also accessed by the path John gave). You might be getting misled by the fact that since a few versions ago OS X hides the user’s Library folder by default. You need to use Finder->Go->Go to Folder and put ~/Library in the target dialog. You can also permanently unhide ~/Library by selecting your home folder and then doing View->Show View Options and checking the Show Library Folder box.

Great!!! that was it…I selected the “show library folder”

Thanks so much!

why would apple have a hide option in the first place??

There’s a lot of stuff such as caches, preferences, saved state, etc. in the per-user ~/Library subfolders. Evidently Apple thinks there is a risk of naive people screwing up the system by messing in there. Personally, I think they went overboard, as the people who are at risk are also the ones who most likely wouldn’t change anything in there anyway. In my opinion, hiding stuff is just a way to make the operation of the OS more obscure.