Sketchup Pro 2016 has no Application Support Folder

sketchup Pro 2016 has no Application Support Folder!

Not true! What are you doing to look for it? I suppose you know that the ~/Library folder that contains your Application Support folder is hidden by default?

Edit: if you are coming from old versions of SketchUp what may be fooling you is that SketchUp’s Application Support is no longer kept in the system-wide /Library folder, it is kept in each user’s personal /Users/yourname/Library folder.


@congodog, my reply in your other post told you how to find it…

if it was not clear enough, then you should have replied there…

Thanks Oh Wise One!
I have been an Apple freak since very early (bought stock in '82) but have had little time to keep up with OS iterations.
Which is why I rely on people like you.