No application Support folder on 2022 Mac

I had to format my HD and start from scratch. After installing Sketchup 2022 (383 build) I proceeded to move my extensions from my backup. Until now Extensions, Materials, Templates, etc went into their respective folders, located at ˜/Library/Application Support/Sketchup 20xx. But there is no Sketchup 2022 folder in my Application Support!

How can I make it appear? Or is there another way to install all that stuff?

Any ideas?


You have been around so long that you should know, but did you install SketchUp properly (after opening the downloaded file, drag the SketchUp icon to the applications folder link), or are you running it directly from the downloaded disk image?
I know nothing about current Macs, so I just wonder if you have to run SketchUp first before the setup is completed.

@Anssi is correct: SketchUp should create needed support folders when it is first run. The installer only copies the app files into Applications.

FWIW, it works the same on Windows, no User Data if it hasn’t run the first time.
Depending on what OS you are currently running, it might be better to install extensions through the [menu] Extensions > Extension Manager instead of copy pasting.
OS’s get more secure each upgrade and need to know what location’s are secure to read and write from within other Apps.
You have to grant access to certain locations.
Better to run SketchUp first, then close and start again and then start adding extensions.

Thank you all! The installation was done correctly. As I changed from one hard disk to two solid disks, the problem was finding the correct Library folder, the one that contained the Application Support Folder with Sketchup’s sub-folders. Once I found that everything was fine.

Best regards.