"(Not Responding)" when trying to open Sketchup 2019 file

Been working on a file in Sketchup Pro 2019 all day and had no problems with it. I closed it and tried to reopen with no luck. It does open in Sketchup 2020 with no issues. I reinstalled Sketchup, removed/added different licenses, and updated NVIDA P4000 graphics driver with no success.

I would be very annoyed to lose all of this work. If anyone has any suggestions, your help would be greatly appreciated!

JMU Paul Jennings Sketchup.zip (6.9 MB)

Opened right up for me.

When you reinstalled it did you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator?

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No. Not for sure. Have you looked at the OpenGL settings in SU2019 to make sure your Nvidia card is being used?

I fixed the incorrect Layer/Tag usage and purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 6_9_2020 , 6_28_34 PM

Screenshot - 6_9_2020 , 6_30_25 PM

See if this version of the file behaves better.
JMU Paul Jennings Sketchup cleaned.zip (5.6 MB)

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Thank you for taking a look but unfortunately the cleaned up file still does not work. I checked all of the settings under Window>Preferences between Sketchup 2019 and 2020 and the settings are exactly the same between both. I also reinstalled as an administrator as you suggested but that didn’t help.

I dropped some AutoCAD floorplans into this sketchup file to trace over. Could that be causing this issue?

I also ran the checkup on the software and got these errors. Any idea if those are actual problems or just a problem determining the system hardware?


Turns out the file just opened. I left it sitting in the background for about 40 minutes and it eventually opened. No idea what would make it so much slower in SU2019 vs 2020 but oh well, at least it is working.

Sounds like most likely it’s a hardware or driver issue.