Not authorized device

I can not open SU & LO files today. I am working on files already open, but I can’t access unopened saved files. I’m signed in to Trimble. My license is up to date.
I can not find any option to Authorize my computer that I have been using all along?

Somehow it seems like you have deauthorized that computer. To solve the problem, sign in to this page:

In My Products expand the included applications part of the SketchUp Pro panel. Under the first item, SketchUp Pro, click on Manage Devices, and deauthorize all devices.

Now go back to your SketchUp that is open, and in the Manage License screen click on the avatar. Choose Sign Out, then immediately sign in again. You should now be able to continue working, and create new documents.

I had another thought. If you have been offline for 28 days you may get away with just signing out and signing in again, and not have to do the deauthorize devices steps.

thanks, I will give it a try. Yesterday was fine, it just started.