"This device is not authorised"


I get this message when I try to open a saved file that I worked on just on Thursday: “This device is not authorized. Please sign in again to continue. You will not be allowed to start a new file or open an existing file.”

My license is up to date and I can’t comprehend what went wrong from Thursday to Saturday. I did save and close my file on Thursday, but never thought I would run into this issue. I am signed in, but I still get this annoying message.

Then I went into my applications and was able to access SketchUp from my 2021 APP with other files of mine and the file which I created this year was accessible as well, however, after working on it and saving it in the 2021 version of SketchUP it told me that I may have a data loss because it was created in a newer version of SketchUP. IF ONLY I WAS ABLE TO OPEN THE NEWER VERSION.

What to do?

Usually, signing out and back in again is enough.

I’m not sure if the EDU version of SketchUp has different rules, but with the regular Pro subscription each version of SketchUp you are signed into counts as a new user. You currently are successfully signed into 2021, and that will have taken away from your ability to sign in and use 2022.

If you have 2019, 2020, and 2021 installed, open each one and make sure you are signed out. Then signing out and back into 2022 should work ok.

As for the message that you may lose some data, there isn’t much difference between the features in a 2022 file and a 2021 file. In the future that will become more important, like if you have used a fancy SketchUp 2025 feature that didn’t exist in 2021, all of the features of the file that did work in 2021 would be ok, but the later 2025 features would be lost, if you saved it as a 2021 file.

So, either carry on working in 2021, or sign out from 2021 and 2022, and sign in again to 2022.

Thanks Colin! Should I maybe delete all my previous versions? Would that delete the files that I created in them as well or would they be automatically transferred into 2022? I’d rather just have the newest version…

Deleting the older versions should not delete any files you made using those versions, unless you had saved the files into the Applications folders, which is unlikely.

But, they are only taking up a little bit of drive space. There may be times when something worked better in an older version, especially with extensions for example. I would keep them around for now, then reconsider if you have gotten by with only 2022 for a few months.