Not able to use Follow Me tool correctly

Hi. Can anyone please elaborate on what exactly happened in this video in the time frame 32:50 to 32:52?

It shows that follow me tool has extruded the entire roof line inwards but when I click on that zigzagged shape and click on follow me tool, only one box is extruded, not the entire roof line.

house layout,query.skp (694.2 KB)

Are you sure you weren’t using the Push/Pull tool instead of the Follow Me tool?

The correct method for using the Follow Me tool would be to select the edges of the roof, get the Follow Me tool and then click on the profile face. You don’t select the profile face before selecting Follow Me.

I selected the edges of the roof and then clicked on Follow Me tool in the menu. By this time, when I get the tool, all lines are automatically deselected. Then I click on the profile face/ the zigzagged shape and I see this error notification- ‘This does not appear to be a valid path’

I’ve been looking at your model and it’s pretty messed up. There are some short edge segments and other issues. If you missed selecting one of the short segments that could generate that message. You’ve got things out of plane and slightly off axis and it would be a good thing if you were using groups in this model.

That error message most often means the selection is not a continuous set of edges; there are breaks or gaps.

I’ve redrawn the roof only and then used Follow Me to run your profile around the edges.

There are a lot of glitches in the roofline. For example, zooming in close:

bad corner

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I agree with previous writers that there are many flaws in the model. But even in this case you can get the expected result. Use the Modifier Key documented in the Instructor:

Do this as shown in the video - preselect the edges, then press the FollowMe tool (the selection will disappear, but you don’t have to worry about it), then press and hold Alt key and click on the zigzagged profile. In this case, only one duplicated face on the other side of the roof will need to be deleted.
Ekrānuzņēmums 2020-09-18 002305

In a properly designed model, this could be done more easily by highlighting only the lower face of the roof and then Alt + click to achieve the same. You can do this on your model, but then you will need to clean much more.

P.S. The Shift key works just as well as the Alt key.

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