Not able to save work in free version

have had free version for several years. recently, am not able to save my work. Is this Sketchup’s way of steering me to buy Pro?

Surely there is a less cynical explanation. What specifically happens when you try to save? Have you tried signing out and then back in to your Trimble account? They have been working on single sign on recently.

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signed out and rejoined and get error message - “We’re having an issue reaching Trimble Connect. Please download a backup file. While you work on that, we’ll be working on the issue.”

anybody have a phone number that I can reach customer service and talk to a real person (303-546-1100 just refers me to a forum).

There is no entitlement to direct customer support for hobbyists using SketchUp Free.

You might try signing out of SketchUp, clearing your browser caches, and then signing in again.

How large is the file you’re trying to save? Maybe purge unused components and then unused materials.