Not able to add Geolocation on SU Pro 2016

Initially the geolocation was working normally on my laptop. Its been a month since the geolocation is not working. It only shows a blank space. Can someone suggest how to recover from this bug ??

Try clearing the Internet Explorer caches.

Update MSIE to latest version and do all updates for it. SketchUp prior to v2017 on PC uses the MSIE library to display web dialogs in a browser frame. (It does not matter what you use for a default browser, SketchUp still uses the MSIE library for many extension dialogs.)

I notice that the buttons are not rendering correctly in the Add Location toolbar inside the WebDialog. This indicates some kind of error in loading the webpage perhaps. (Just thinking out loud.)

FTR, I switched to running a high contrast system scheme with custom charcoal coloring, and in SketchUp 2016 whenever I click the “Select Region” button the satellite imagery disappears, until I click “Grab”. (It doesn’t matter whether browser emulation for “sketchup.exe” is set to versions 9, 10 or 11. DC webdialogs are also almost unusable.)