GeoLocation not working in SU2016 Pro

Hi, I have a licensed version of SU2016 pro. I tried using Geo location services, but for some reason it says that 2016 version is no longer compatible. how is this possible? Can anyone give me a solution for the same?

No. It doesn’t work in SU2016 anymore. The solution is to upgrade to SU2017.

This change was announced some months ago. See:

Specifically: [quote]This is all happening at the end of May, after which Add Location will only function in SketchUp 2017.[/quote]

There are several topics involving this issue, including some vehement criticism of the change. Search the forum to find them and you can read more about this situation than you ever wanted to know :wink:

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You should also have been getting a red banner warning, and now you should be getting links to the help center page with all the info you need. Are you not getting that?

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