How is new GeoLocation>Add Location


I’m still using SU Pro 2016. Add Location from Google Earth doesn’t work anymore. I understand that SU Pro 2017 has a replacement. Can anyone tell me their experience with the replacement? Does it work well? Does it get good imagery?

thanks for your help


Technically that haven’t used Google Earth since SU 7.1. With SU 8 they started using Google Maps. In June of last year the switch was made to Digital Globe for terrain and location imagery. Some people say the resolution isn’t as good but for many applications it works fine. For those who need higher resolution imagery, there’s Place Maker II which offers higher res imagery than you could get from Google Maps or Earth.

Do you have SU 2017 Pro already? If not, you’ll be looking at SU2018 Pro. You could install it and use the 30-day trial and see for yourself.


Thanks for the reply. I must have misstated in my question. I don’t have SU 2017 Pro. I have SU 2016 Pro. I was curious about other people’s experience with the new Digital Globe option.

Maybe I can try your suggestion and use the trial period with SU 2018 Pro to see how it is. I can keep SU 2016 Pro and revert back if I don’t like 2018, right?

I do a lot of non-profit work in other countries. Recent projects in Cameroon, Africa; Nepal, Thailand, Latin America. Google Earth aerial imagery has been pretty good in those places. Some places better than others. Imagery in the U.S. is much better.


There is no reverting. 2018 installs separately, independently and concurrently.


I’d term this as: There is no need to revert.

I’d also add: If after the trial, you decide not to buy SU2018 Pro, then you will probably want to uninstall it since it won’t work any more! You’ll still have your working SU2016 Pro installation (save for geolocation w/ imagery).


Thanks for that information.
In older versions, when the Pro version trial ran out, it became Make, and lost the Pro capabilities. Does anything like that happen now? Or is the program simply not functional at all at the end of the trial?


It did IF you installed SketchUp Make in the first place.

Not with SketchUp 2018 Pro. There is no 2018 Make.


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