Geo-location with Google Earth

I used to enjoy placing my models in their Google Earth locations and be able to visualize them with Streetview. That was long time ago using Sketchup 8 (32 bits)

I recently started to use Sketchup again, the web based version at first then downloaded the 2018 pro trial to be able to geo-locate. I don’t know if it has to do with my graphic card but the image I get when I add a location is very bad. Can’t find the surrounding buildings in the 3D warehouse either. Any free user friendly extension doing a better job?

What is the latest version still compatible with Google Earth I could use on my 64 bits PC ?

There isn’t a version compatible with Google Earth the way you are thinking of from all those years ago. Google changed their policy forcing a discontinuation of use of Google Earth and Maps (Google Earth wasn’t used for adding geo-location for a long time, it was Google Maps I think that happened with SU7 or 8.) Even the last version of SketchUp to use the Google Maps API for geo-loaction won’t work with Google anyhow. Now the terrain and imagery come from Digital Globe. Their coverage with satellite imagery is limited to area where the satellites pass over. Maybe you’re not in the right region.

Google quit using SketchUp for 3D Buildings in GE more than 5 years ago. The 3D content in GE is not downloadable for use in SketchUp. If you find buildings in the Warehouse from the area you’re interested in, that’s just coincidental.

It’s not free but you can look at Placemaker.

Hi Dave I got coverage but the rendering is fuzzy to say the least and I
cannot get a view from the ground like in streetview unfortunatly :frowning:

That’s the imagery Digital Globe supplies. It’s better in some areas, worse in others.

Yep. Streetview is a Google thing. Since Google took their toys and went home, there’s no streetview imagery available for SketchUp.

I thought Sketchup belonged to the Google family.

Thanks Dave

Years ago it did but when it no longer suited their needs, they sold it off to Trimble. The sold it over 5 years ago.

I would say about 8 years ago. Populating GE with buildings modelled by volunteers went on only for about 1-2 years after Google had acquired SketchUp, and Google continued owning SketchUp for some time after that.

You can still view your SketchUp models in Google Earth if you export a KMZ file (the option is available at least in the Pro version, don’t know about Make 2017) and import that into your Google Earth session. It just won’t be placed in the GE database for all users to see.

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