Cant find updated map while using geo-location

I am trying to work on a site, but while using geo-location in sketchup, I can find the buildings! But, the same building can be found using Google Earth. Help please:)

Geo-location doesn’t use Google Earth or Google Maps so it shouldn’t be surprising that the 3D building in Google Earth don’t show up. Geo-location gets its data from Digital Globe since last spring.

Thanks Dave. But, my problem persists. Is there any way to use snap shot from google earth and then somehow scale it inside sketchup?

hello, I understand that the images from digital globe are older than what you see on google earth, that would explain why you don’t see some building if they were built recently.

Of course you can import a google earth screenshot. Measure something that exists on both satellite pictures (another building, street width, etc.) draw it on your imported Google earth screenshot, group the G.E screenshot and the line. Then enter this group, use tape to measure the line you drew and enter its correct size (that you measured on the digital globe imagery) and hit enter. Sketchup will ask if you want to resize your active group/component, say yes !

Tada, your google earth screenshot is up to scale.

(don’t forget to rotate it first, for correct shadows)

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As Paul says, it is possible to take a snapshot from Google Earth and import that into SketchUp. You can even use it as a texture to replace the image from Digital Globe. Before you do that, take some time to reads Google’s terms of use for imagery from Google Earth and Google Maps. There are limitations on what is permissible.

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