Is there any way to view a geolocated SketchUp model in google earth like there used to be?

I mean, there has to be.

You can export a .kmz at least from SketchUp Pro, SketchUp Go, and SketchUp Make and then open that file in Google Earth Pro.

Doing so, you’ll have 3 problems though :

Assuming you’ve geolocated in sketchup, your building should be at the right place in GEarth. Should, because you know, tiny differences between the photos, you’ll be ok within a metre. You might need to go back to SU, move a bit, reexport.

the height. either you work on ground level, or you work in the geolocation topography, either way, it’s never 100% good. Same idea, you might need some back and forth. Here, I also modelled the neighbouring building (just a cube), it helped me make sure the position and altitude were about ok.

finally, in old GEarth, you could turn off buildings. Not in the new one. In the preference you can ask to use the old buildings, from pre 2010, and you can turn them off individually. but 2010.
you can see in my photo, My new building is overlapping an old one. not ideal.

Google earth stopped being developed about the same time as SU was sold, because Google started using another tech to make their maps 3d. The longer we wait, the more compatibility issues we’ll have (here some buildings are not in 3d, I have a faulty plugin or something)

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