Geolocation not working on SU2020 Pro Mac

Hi Everyone,
The Geolocation tab is not loading on my SU2020Pro for Mac. When I press the button I can only see a blank tab. I tried to logout from Trimble account, clear browser history and login again but it did not make any difference.

Can anyone help please?

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Unfortunately that feature is no longer available in your unsupported version.

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I thought about it but it was working until a few weeks ago, whilst my SU version has been unsupported for a few months now… hence why I thought it could be due to something else.

Thanks for raising this @luke23, we made a change on May 29th that inadvertently breaks on the old version of Chromium that is shipped with SketchUp 2020 (and before). We’ll look into fixing it, but 2020 should have had no access to add location since July 2023 so the fix is not going to enable add location, just improve the messaging!


thanks Daniel, I appreciate your clarification.