Geo-Locate has stopped functioning version 2014

Geo-Locate has stopped functioning. The process hangs at the dialog box for defining the capture area and does not complete the connection to google earth.

Just worked ok for me. Are you trying this from a different internet connection than you normally use (port blocking?) Any recent software upgrades? firewall settings?

Just a couple of thoughts…

Presuming you’re PC not Mac (you didn’t say)
Try clearing Internet Explorer’s browser cache and cookies if that has not been done recently.
IE Tools Menu > Internet Options > General - Browsing History > Delete


Same problem for me and my fellow workers.
SketchUp 2014, Windows 7, IE 10 - all updated.
Suddenly Geolocation dos’nt work.

Seems to be a problem that comes back - according to a Google Search.

This is the shown message.


Add Location failed due to an internal error (import snapshot).

If this problem occurs again, please consult the
SketchUp Knowledge Center for assistance.


Follow up. Geo-location works fine on the same pc and the same setup (internet connection and firewall) with SketchUp Pro 8. So what could be the problem with the latest version of SketchUp Pro 2014?