Geo Locate/Add Location Not Working



The add location option in Sketchup is not working.!

All of the buttons and grab function work but there is a gray screen where the map should be located.

I’ve tried clearing cache and restarting - the internet is working fine.

Any other tips? It’s not working for anyone else in my office.



You removed webcache directory? Working here for me, both Mac and PC.


If you right click on the dialog and choose ‘View Page source’ what do you see?


Yes I did


It looks like gobbledygook


So it populates. If you check the window>preferences>opengl>graphic card details, which graphic card is displayed?

If the dedicated nvidia, try if it works when you disable it in the nvidia control panel(right-click on an empty space of your desktop>manage 3D )
It might be a power-related thing.


I’ve geolocated the model manually using lat/long for now, I’ll come back to this post when I have more time.

Thanks for your help anyways.