Add location Map not showing

Hi all, I’m new to the community but I’m hoping for some help. When I’m at the office I seem to be able to use the add location function and all works well. When I bring the laptop home I don’t seem to be able to get this to work. I just get a grey screen where the map should be. I’m not a noob so have checked the usual, cleared the cache and temporary internet files but still nothing. Have anyone else experienced this issue? You help is much appreciated.

Hmmm… That’s unusual. This is what I see when I search for Wellington.

Which caches did you clear?

I have this issue when using SketchupShop but not when using Sketchup Pro on the same machine, and the same internet connection.

Do you get just a blank screen with Shop or is it just that you only get a map instead of the image?

I cleared the caches in:
AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019

and cleaned internet explorer

I get to basic street map only in Shop and get the expected image in Pro. In Shop, the only image is the basic street lines

That’s normal behavior with Shop.

Sorry, when you say shop what do you mean?

He means SketchUp Shop, the web version of SketchUp.

For your problem, right-click in the empty area, choose Show Dev Tools. In the window that appears choose Console, and tell me what errors show.

Hi Colin, I guess this is what your after?

I’m not sure why it says no activation for this user as I have Sketchup Pro 2019

It looks like you have no errors, so I’m not sure why you don’t see any images. Can you check if you have a firewall blocking things?

The activations thing is to do with whether you have a Studio or Pro subscription, and I guess you have a Classic license. If I use just a classic license I see the same message. If I’m signed in with a Studio subscription, then I don’t get the message. It’s connected with the large area import feature that subscribers get. It isn’t the reason you’re not seeing an image.

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So I turned windows firewall off, no difference. I’m pretty stuck at the moment to what it could be.

“Shop” refers to ‘Sketchup Shop’ the web based subscription based on- line version which is also included in the SketchupPro version.

It seems odd that the “Shop” version would be restricted to a “map” style image. I’m going to explore this more!

Not so odd. The imagery and terrain data is only available in SketchUp Pro.

Had power outage this afternoon so was able to reply earlier. After trying to use Geo-Locate on both Shop and Pro I noticed that the data source is different on each. Shop uses MapBox and OpenStreetMap and Pro uses DigitalGlobe (which now has merged with Maxar) This I find it a little disturbing that Shop even calls it Geo-Locate which is not the same function, would be better PR to call it by a different name, so newbies don’t think it is poorly designed program

I imagine that it’s down to the copyright of the satellite images. Even vector graphics would be ok for the map version, but satellite images depend on contracts. Whatever the case is with web, it won’t be related to issues with the satellite images in desktop.

My point was more of the expectation of GeoLocate being different than expected. It is like picking Push-Pull and only being able to PUSH. If I am using Pro 95% of the time and need to use Shop, for whatever reason, I would expect each tool to function the same.

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