Add Location Issue - Google Maps Window Is Gray

I’ve searched all over but no one else seems to be having this exact problem. Maybe it’s a new bug…

When I click Add Location, it opens the selection window as normal - but the image window is blank. It still shows the Zoom functions, the mouse hand is clickable, the Grab button is functioning, the address bar is active - just no image showing the terrain. It’ll even let me Grab a selection area, but it just imports a black square into SketchUp.

I checked this on a colleagues computer and his had the exact same issue.

Any ideas of what could be going on?

I get this when I enter that address.

Try clearing IE and other browser caches. You are using SU2017, correct?

zooming one step out (“[-]”) may fix the issue.

Dave -
I cleared all cached items and cookies in IE11 and Chrome and restarted SketchUp…no luck :confused:
Yes I’m using 2017. Add Location was working fine around a week ago. Just doesn’t work today when I tried.

Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue either.

Any more ideas?

Did you get a recent software update that might have included a graphics card update?

What version of IE are you running?

Hmm not sure, are you referring to a card update I would have done manually? I just updated SketchUp to see if that would fix the issue (it didn’t). Remember my colleague is having the same issue on his computer. We do work at the same company so maybe it could be a company-implemented update behind the scenes that broke it… if so idk how to determine that!

IE 11.0.38 and Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87. Not sure which one Sketchup uses to bring up the window.

I was referring to a possible automatic update to windows which got pushed recently by MS. It created graphics issues for some folks because the graphics drivers got an update, too.

The face that it’s two computers on the same network makes me wonder if it’s something related to the network. Can you access the Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse directly from SketchUp.

It says you’re on SketchUp 2017: that uses an embedded Chromium browser. In a Chrome browser window, can you get to Add Location and get the map? You wont be able to download from the browser, but you can troubleshoot it. If that works, the embedded Chromium cache is in ~\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\WebCache and clear that.

Anyway to add a nice button to do this somewhere (like the Preferences dialog ?)

Oh, yea, I’ve been begging for that for years.

So it’s already logged internally as a FR then ?

No luck :confused:
I was really thinking that was going to be the solution…
Btw yes, I can open the map in Chrome and do everything but “grab” as you said. Just in Sketchup I have a gray image instead of the map image…

Yes. <Post must be at least 5 characters>

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So did you delete the ~\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2017\WebCache directory too?

I emptied the WebCache folder then restarted SketchUp but it’s still a gray image.

You restarted SketchUp after doing this, correct? And you are online in SketchUp - 3dwarehouse, Extension Warehouse, or right click on a face and click “Add Photo Texture”, those things kinda work to some degree?

If you want to PM me, I can give you more details about how to look at the call to, etc… We’re in the territory where there’s something specific with your machines or network.

I have an Add Location issue that started after I updated Make2017 on a Mac. I get a text screen that contains the following:
“�” ������ސ���J�^�G���(�8�����.aH������&ZAXA�m� '%?QԹ N’��e��WA�0�UH��VWA�u�I;�� s�I�AR�H��PA�u�H�H�V’H�RH��PH�H�|$�H�u�H��H�E�H�E�H��C�yP�XH�I�L�Sa��I�E�������| H��Н��%O+A(Qe]%?%?0Mmu)��e��W�,J,UH��VW�H��H�E�H�EH�F/I;�� s�H�H�V’H�RH��H��H�H��P�u�jI�ARI�AR�H��PI�AR�H��H�H�$H��XH�ZH�a�I�E�H��C�yP�XH�I�L�Sa����{d| �Ҧ�3�DrupalL{��*2O� behaviors,{ ���҆��attach�T� {H� %1� ��@Ye8�W�V����2,3,default������� ��� �� p�� )��������%���� ��� .behaviors����Ӷ��� lang_dropdown��a.attach���z ($ {�<{!0{�� |5�1,�� ��Wv3q$� i� �� q��,�� ���@ ����(($ {�W��rjQuery`L{D{H�� |��1$��a�� ���������� ��� ����====f); })(window,document,‘script’,‘dataLayer’,‘GTM-5TTFZM’);

I can get the add location window in Chrome and can “add photo texture”

I can’t find WebCache.