Add location stopped working


I am using SketchUp 2014

I have been using Geo-Location / Add Location without problem and then it stopped working.

Now after I grab the location, I just get a red border in Sketchup with no contents.

I am using Windows XP, would appreciate suggestions on what to troubleshoot.

I have read that the IE cache can be an issue, so I have cleared the cache and that has made no difference.


Update MS Internet Explorer to the latest version that will install on XP.


IE already is on the latest version.

That isn’t the problem, because AddLocation was working and I haven’t installed any WindowsUpdates or made any changes to IE and AddLocation has stopped working.


When I exit Sketchup after trying unsuccessfully to Add Location, I get the Windows error sound that you get when something fails (or you try to click in an area which you can’t). This does not happen if I don’t use Add Location.

There is nothing in the Event Log. Does Sketchup create it’s own log files, or is it possible to configure Sketchup so that it does create log files?


empty the cache and delete the cookies of the MS IE.



It must have been the cookies, because I had already tried deleting the cache.

There are already two other threads about this. Deleting cache/cookies did nothing for me. The feature is broken for a lot of users obviously to have resulted in this many complaints so quickly.