Add Location not working on Mac



I have an Add Location issue that started after I updated Make2017 on a Mac Sierra 10.12.3 The window shows a text screen that contains the following:
“�” ������ސ���J�^�G���(�8�����.aH������&ZAXA�m� '%?QԹ N’��e��WA�0�UH��VWA�u�I;�� s�I�AR�H��PA�u�H�H�V’H�RH��PH�H�|$�H�u�H��H�E�H�E�H��C�yP�XH�I�L�Sa��I�E�������| H��Н��%O+A(Qe]%?%?0Mmu)��e��W�,J,UH��VW�H��H�E�H�EH�F/I;�� s�H�H�V’H�RH��H��H�H��P�u�jI�ARI�AR�H��PI�AR�H��H�H�$H��XH�ZH�a�I�E�H��C�yP�XH�I�L�Sa����{d| �Ҧ�3�DrupalL{��*2O� behaviors,{ ���҆��attach�T� {H� %1� ��@Ye8�W�V����2,3,default������� ��� �� p�� )��������%���� ��� .behaviors����Ӷ��� lang_dropdown��a.attach���z ($ {�<{!0{�� |5�1,�� ��Wv3q$� i� �� q��,�� ���@ ����(($ {�W��rjQuery`L{D{H�� |��1$��a�� ���������� ��� ����====f); })(window,document,‘script’,‘dataLayer’,‘GTM-5TTFZM’);

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