Geolocation problem

Hi all,
in last 2 days geolocation function not work fine.
2 days ago it work well, after, without changes in my pc (not fot skp, antivirus, system, browser… nothing) geoposition had stop work.
I can: open function window, see the map, select region.
But when I click ‘capture’, have an allert popup, like in this image

“Add location failed due to an internal error (instant import). If symptoms persist consult Sketchup Center.”

I’d already:

  • reinstall 2 times sketchup
  • clear all browsers’s cache
  • cler RAM
  • clear Register

Nothing. Problem persist…

Help… :slight_smile:
Antonio IT

See this thread. Make sure Internet Explorer meets the current requirements.

Especially: [quote=“Barry, post:2, topic:29333, full:true”]
We began warning people in our most recent release of 3dwarehouse (which is where add location comes from) that IE8 support is going away. SketchUp uses the platform-blessed WebKit per OS: IE on PC, Safari on Mac. Win7 came with IE8 but supports IE11. Please upgrade IE. Or dismiss.

Hi Dave,
Warehouse 3D and Models, run fine. Only geoloc has problem.
But I’ve just solve myself, try with last beach (an illumination): I’ve remove some extension from Plugin folder, and now… geolocation run…
I’ve removed about 6-7 extensions, so now I don’t know what of them created the problem, but for now, the main problem is solved.
In future, if I find the bad extension, write it here! bad bad bad! :wink:


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Try remembering the name(s) of the extention(s) and please share the names so others can benefit when running into the same situation.

Thanks in advance.

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For now, I prefer don’t reinstall those extensions, for not re-born problem. But, I can tell you all extensions removed:

  • 1001 tools bit freeware
  • BIM tools
  • 3 points circles
  • RubyEditor (as)
  • TigTools
  • Toolbar editor
  • su_solarnorth

I suppose, but I’m not all certain, may be ‘su_solarnorth’, becouse I’d two ‘solarnorth’ in the folder, a rb file, and a rbz file, and both linked with solar position and shadows function. But this is just a my guess. (I had removed ‘rb’ file)


Thank you for the list.
I don’t think ‘SolarNorth’ is causing issues. I’ve never had problems with this extention, nor heard about it causing problems.

Chrome is my default browser BUT when pulling up “Geolocation” I keep getting the same message “You are using a browser that’s not supported by Google Maps Java Script API, etc.” “change your browser.” So SketchUp wants “IE” to be my default browser then? (Windows 7 Pro)
Please advise . . . ?
Thanks !

Sketchup does not care what you have set as your default browser. It always uses the IE library that is part of Windows. You need to update IE to the latest version.

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