I cannot get geolocate and 3dwarehouse to work in Sketchup Pro 2015 64 bit


I need help to resolve this issue. Can anyone help me with this?


What do you get when you go to 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/addlocation.html in IE? If not, find out why it’s blocked.

Can you search for a location, and go there?

Can you select a region? If not, update Flash.


what platform resp. operating system?

update the system browser (OSX: Safari / Win: MS IE) and clean cache/cookies.

if MS IE: do not raise the security setting for the Internet zone to “High” but max. to the default “Medium-high”:

Tech Blurb

Sketchup 2015 says I don't have an internet connection but i do!
Add Location error - no internet connection