Geolocation is not working

Google map feature in SK 2016 is not working - terrain and geolocation capture?
Simply when activated via toolbar or drop down menu SK goes into infinite loop and crashes

Any idea if this is SK2016 problem or something else?

It works fine here I’d guess it’s something else.

Make sure IE is up to date, clear the caches and try again.

what do you mean make sure IE is up-to-date? Internet Explorer? I use Chrome browser as a primary borwser
Thank you

Yes. I mean Internet Explorer. You may use Chrome as your primary browser but SketchUp uses IE on Windows so you must keep it up to date.

This is a common point of confusion about how SketchUp works (and SU is not alone in this regard).

There are several functions within SketchUp that fetch data from web-based sources and bring the data back into SketchUp, e.g. geolocation. Web browsers are designed to fetch data and display it on the screen for viewing by a person, they are not designed to pass data along to another program such as SketchUp. But the browsers provided by Windows (IE) and Mac (Safari) are actually built as front-ends to a system service library that comes with the OS (historical note: allowing other programs to draw on the system library was a major court case settlement with Microsoft).

So, SketchUp loads the system library and uses its services to fetch data directly into SketchUp. User-loaded browsers do not generally provide any such support for other programs, and even if they did SketchUp would have to include separate mechanisms to detect and use each version of every other browser a user might have set as default. That would be an unworkably complex task. So SketchUp uses the standard system browser’s library regardless of what you may have set as default. And, for the same reason that precludes tapping any browser you might select, it requires that you keep the system browser library up to date.


Steve, I have just bookmarked that for future use as it’s the clearest and most concise explanation I have read on the subject.