None other than eBay seems to be engaged in selling illegitimate/hacked copies of SketchUp Pro


I have had excellent experience purchasing Microsoft software from eBay vendors. I have advertised the great deals in Microsoft forums, we have discussed them. It seems that some companies buy software in bulk and are left with extra copies (License Codes) which they sell at deep discounts. The downloads are from Microsoft websites.

Since I need to support many 3D file formats (Import/Export), I cannot possibly pay for regular retail price. Autodesk has to be the greatest 3D company on earth.

I decided to pay $29 for this deal:

SketchUp Pro 2018 Full Version Lifetime License-Fast delivery

Well, it turns out that eBay and that vendor are selling exactly the same cracked version which is going around.

This is the Google Drive used to distribute that program:

JFK Numbers


Thanks for the heads-up! We will see what we can do to address this issue!



You are already doing your part, even with your sarcastic post, by not allowing this report to simply disappear.

I got a refund from that particular vendor.

If anybody can provide good/bad references of SketchUp sources, they are welcome.

JFK Numbers


What sarcasm?


For Pro versions of SketchUp:

The SketchUp website:

Or official local SketchUp resellers:

If you are buying SketchUp Pro from anywhere else than these it’s fairly certain that it’s not legitimate. Also I’ve never seen legitimate previous years versions of SketchUp for sale at discounted prices as can be the case with other software packages. It’s not something SketchUp do. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As for the cracked versions, they are often given away as free links. In exchange they can carry hidden nasties that can damage your system, steal your personal information or maybe even your soul.

The people selling these are often only selling this “free” link to you and don’t “own” the link themselves, further abusing the situation.