Tried to download SketchUp from ebay

I paid Paid Sara Gallsiva $ 39.99, on eBay for downloading the SketchUp software but

I got a message:[ ‘Couldn’t preview the file’ response.]

[“There is a problem with the preview”]

I was prompted to connect to a Google Docs App or register with Winzip for $ 54.00 to unzip the bundle.

I spent half the day trying to download this file she sent.

But my Trimble account, just debited my credit card $ 369.00 for the whole year, because I was on auto-renew—all that for nothing.

You were scammed, you can download the software from this site

If you got a license you just sign into your sketchup account after opening the software.

Why in the world would you think you could get a legitimate license for SketchUp from some nobody who is not authorized to sell it? You should contact eBay and see if you can get your 39.99 back.

By the way, if you have a Subscription to SketchUp Pro, please correct your forum profile. You aren’t using SketchUp for Schools.

Now, there’s a name you can trust.

I’ve got a house for sale cheap, I’ll throw in some steak knives if you pay me today.

I’m interested.

Instead of the steak knives, how about the Brooklyn Bridge? :slight_smile:

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Usually when something new is 90% cheaper than it should be AND being sold on ebay it’s stolen or you are about to be ripped off.

Probably both has happened in this case.

Thought Box lived on a boat. THIS IS A SCAM!!! :rofl: :joy:

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Caught me out, ok it’s a boatshed for sale and I have no steak knives but as @TDahl suggested I do have a Brooklyn bridge less than 2miles away so I’ll throw that in. It’s in peak condition as it barely gets used since they put the freeway in.

Ok then, not a scam I’ll start the bidding at 2 jars of veggiemite.

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Facebook has those scams too. Unlocked SU pro 2023 for $69.99. It’s still up now for weeks.

Social media platforms care only about the amount of traffic they receive. They don’t care what that traffic is. It’s why social media remains infested with [hostile foreign power] troll farm bots.

I hope somebody helps you out. It can be tough for those who may not be on top of these things at all times. There are so many scumbags out there intent on exploiting decent, trusting people.

Oh my god I’m shocked…oh…wait…

What gets me is, is it irony ‘that the OP came to the official forum to complain the seller of cracked software had conned them.’ I struggle with this regularly.


The buyer probably had no idea the seller was offering cracked software. The buyer likely assumed it was completely legit. Not everybody is savvy in all things. The buyer may be a very elderly person, and elderly people are routinely targeted and swindled by filthy lowlifes.


Seriously! Have you never looked at a user profile or even any sensitivity training. Tank are us I guess.

Alrighty then…

You have chosen to comment frequently of late, how correct your comments have been is not something we have control over. Feel free to review them.

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Nah. I just don’t take myself that seriously. But thanks, though. :grinning: