Is Sketchup Pro sold as a one-time purchase?

Just purchased a Sketchup Pro 1-year subscription. Just saw it for sale on-line (relatively cheap) for a one-time payment and no expiration. Comes in a box (looks like) just like the old days. Is this a legitimate product/offer?

No that’s a scam or pirated or something. Officially it’s only sold as subscription now.


Plus it hasn’t been sold in a box for a long time. It is all done via a downloadable installer. It runs free for a trial period after which you must log on with the email you used when purchasing the subscription.

That’s a scam

Thanks for the input. Here is the link to the vendor site and ad:

It looks like pirate software, the last version sold with a perpetual license was sketchup 2021, now it’s subscription only.

with that version you get a nice fat bug that will suck your computer dry.

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