Who knows about depotapps.com selling SketchUp?

they sell sketchup 2016 299$ at depotapps.com
Is it Legal? who know about this site?

Personally I wouldn’t it doesn’t look OK !!!

The ‘do not do it’ clue is in their amazing pricing and their great range of products.
No one sells so many things at half price, let alone 1/10 [AutoCAD] - unless everyone else is doing it.
If it looks too good then it almost certainly is too good to be true.
You almost certainly won’t get what you think you are paying for, and you’ll probably get something unexpected [like a virus or trojan], and you will almost certainly be breaking some copyright or licensing conditions.
If you are a mensch then ignore the site…

To the best of my knowledge, this company is not associated with Trimble, SketchUp or any of its official distribution or reseller channels.


Thank you. ChrisDizon. I was not buy this. (I buyed 2017 at here) My friend buyed this one. And I will tell him refund it

Thank you for answer. I think this site is illegal.

Yes. I think so, too. thank you.

offic. SketchUp Pro Resellers