I am experiencing an issue w/ a sketchup file. It is simple building plan w/ a placemaker site, building, site w/ trees, etc. I have done this many times (file size is only 12 kb). I just takes forever to complete a task and as soon as i click on the file it does it again. I have tried cleaning it up, minimizing the tree size, etc. I have about 10 hours into this plan so would like to fix it! any suggestions would be appreciated. Lex

Can you share the .skp file so we can take a look at it? That would help us help you.

SITE MODEL.skp (12.2 MB)


You’re off by a factor of 1000.

Is your profile correct with SketchUp version and graphics card?

The texture images are all pretty large files that would tax that graphics card.

FWIW I fixed the incorrect tag usaged and then purged unused stuff.
Screenshot - 1_25_2022 , 7_09_14 PM

Screenshot - 1_25_2022 , 7_09_33 PM

That did improve performance on my computer.

I guess that’s an important detail:) I am assuming it is. Earlier today I worked on similar file that is twice as large. When my files get to be 35megs or larger I do experience some slowdown.

With similar hi res texture images?

I also see that you have several materials that are essentially identical in the model. That’s not helping.

yes, take a look at this file. it is the only file that is small enough to upload that I have. It did try purging the file. I am in no way a “sage” at this but not a rookie either. My issue is the dam…file takes many minutes just to upload, and then all I need to do is click on an icon and it goes into the n0n-responsive mode again for like 10 minutes.

SITE MODEL.skp (5.6 MB)

I did notice the multiple placemaker views in the materials. If these are multiple locations that would screw things up, but I would then expect a much larger file. as soon as the file comes up i’ll try purging.

Is your profile correct regarding the SketchUp version and graphics card?

The GPU you list is not especially robust for 3D Modeling. Integrated Intel graphics have never been recommended for SketchUp.

Incorrect tag usage and purging of the latest file.
Screenshot - 1_25_2022 , 7_27_21 PM

Screenshot - 1_25_2022 , 7_27_35 PM

Placemaker uses hi res images for the location snapshots. You could edit them and reduce their size. that would help with performance.

@lcaarch I suspect your tree objects could be the source of the slowdown as well.

Each tree has about 37k edges and you have 10 trees in the model, it seems. Could that be the case?

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I can do that. I suspect that this is some type of corruption issue w/ this specific file. Otherwise, similar files (larger w/ multiple materials) would experience these issues. I am pretty clear on minimizing the file size, and can at some point get a better graphics card, but is there a way to audit the file (old cad term)? As for the trees I removed all the heavy size trees and specifically only used very small size trees.As I noted before I can open other larger files w/ no issue.