Non-Group/Component Items All Disapeared

All the objects that were not grouped or were not components all of a sudden disappeared (luckily I have a recent save that I can fall back on).

The model is a little over 200 MB. I’ve looked for the missing items via “Show Hidden Geometry” and they don’t appear. I verified all my layers are turned on. I executed “Unhide All” several times. Since the missing items are not grouped, they don’t appear in Outliner, but I looked for grayed-out items there anyway; no luck.

I’m wondering how I could have done this accidentally, I was doing some cleaning up of the model which can be dangerous, of course. Since many of the ungrouped/uncomponitized items are not connected in anyway, I can’t see a stray command being able to do that with so many missing items while leaving all the grouped/componitized items.

Any idea or suggestions? I’m hoping there is a command I’m unaware of that does that easily. I’ve wanted to do that, and the inverse, on occasion.

Did you try ‘Undo’ several times? Probably this will no longer work now.

are you modelling on Layer0?

if not and you turn it off it will not show with hidden geometry…

you can loose a lot of work modelling on other layers…


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