Noise final render vray

Hello guys, certainly you will know how to help me. I can’t understand why my final render has this bad resolution. The image is 4500x3375 in very high, but the noise remains. If I activate the denoiser the result is terrible!!

It’s difficult to see what we are looking at. Could you upload a higher resolution and maybe a screenshot of the scene and materials setup?.

Noise is usually down to lighting or messed up render Settings… Vray should be good sort of straight of the box

I don’t understand what else I have to publish.
The noise you see in the region is in the whole scene, so I don’t think it’s a material problem.

Show more about scene lights (dome, rectangle, sun etc.)

Its impossible to diagnose without some context.
We don’t know;

a. what we are looking at.
b. what types of materials are present (fabric, stone, plastic?)
c. what your lighting setup is
d. the posted image is small (633x563 pixels) - a higher resolution image will help
e. what your camera settings are - your advanced camera settings seem extremely odd.
f. what the GPU texture setting are

stuff like that