Blurry image with vray

Hi there,
I recently started using vray for rendering my images. The result that I have obtained is far away from what I was expecting from that programme. I tried out many things and also played with the settings, but the quality of the image just won’t change - it just stays blurry and noisy. What else can I do to make the image more crisp? many thanks in advance for any help.

Which version of V-Ray are you using? Are you using the ‘Denoiser’ setting? It should be easy to remove that noise.

I need to play around with V-Ray, but from other renderers I know, I don’t think that is noise. That’s how many renders will look if you stop the render early on. How does it look if you let the render have more time?

@colin - you got me thinking more on this… It could be two other things to check as well beyond ‘noise’. Firstly, are you rendering on ‘Interactive’ mode? That will stay ‘noisy’ as it’s not meant to be your final render. Second thing is the ‘quality’ settings. If it’s set to Draft or Low then it’s going to be noisy as well.

See comparison below:

This is rendered using ‘Interactive’ setting.

Here is ‘static’ rendering set to ‘Draft’ mode (ie low quality) with no Denoiser:

And finally, here is a Static render on medium quality WITH denoiser:

To me, there is a clear difference.

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Thank you , I realized the longer I wait the better the quality gets.

Thank you so much for your explanation and effort. I found the fault - it was with the rendering time … I stopped the rendering process too early.