Issues with vray

why does my vray render have such poor quality? I have turned the denoiser on
Its still very blurry
If anyone has any suggestions please help
Also how can I change the sky?
Im not sure why it does not seem to work

For reference these are the settings that I have

You seem to render to quite a low resolution, depending on what the rendered image is going to be used for. On paper that would give an about 1,5 x 2,5 inches thumbnail image (at 300 DPI)
I would perhaps increase resolution and, for speed, turn down the quality to Medium, as the Denoiser is on.

You have Progressive turned on. Has the render finished when you took the screenshot?

What is the Intel Open Image denoiser?

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Do as Anssi suggests and additionally use the GPU for faster rendering

Not available on a Mac, works only with Nvidia GPUs on a PC.

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I’ve found that bringing the Quality slider down to around medium…and bumping the resolution (ie pixels) up to at least 2500px wide will create much more detail without taking too long. I also recommend turning Progressive OFF. Keep in mind that Denoiser does remove the noise but can also make some surfaces a bit blurry. There is a setting under the Denoiser tab (bottom right of Asset Editor) that will allow you to reduce the amount from Strong to Mild. You can also adjust the Opacity of the Denoiser layer in the Frame Buffer if you feel like you want a bit more control.

How do I increase the resolution?

I’m going to print on 18X24 inches paper. So I need the render to be of a significantly higher resolution.

Yes the render was finished when I took the screenshot.

I’m not sure what the intel open image denoiser is

Edit the numbers in the Image Width/Height field:
In my opinion, if you are using an inkjet or colour laser printer you get a decent output with 150 DPI images. You need a strong magnifying glass to detect a difference between that and a 300 DPI one that is four times the size.
So for 18 x 24 inches paper I would put in something like 2700…3000 for the height and 3600…4000 for width.

How do I change the resolution in vray? What settings do I need to use for that?

Just type the numbers in where it says 789 and 450. If you keep it on 'match viewport, then you may not get exactly 18x24" dimensions as it’ll depend on your viewport size. You can change to ‘Custom’ to get around that.

As to resolution. V-Ray renders, or saves the render at 72 dpi (that’s screen resolution). If you’re printing, you want adjust the resolution up to essentially equal 150 dpi (which is min. print resolution).

See example below:
18x24" @ 72 dpi…
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 10.37.15 AM
…is equal to 1728x1296 pixels.
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 10.37.22 AM

So to be safe for printing, you should render at 150 dpi…
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 10.37.39 AM
…which is equal to 3600x2700 (as @Anssi has noted already)
Screen Shot 2022-11-17 at 10.37.43 AM

Oh and to your question about the Sky. Which version of V-Ray are you using? If you have version 6, you can either add clouds in the Sky section under the Lights tab…

…or add a Dome light - which you can either insert your HDRI image, download one from Cosmos, or use Light Gen to generate variations for you to choose from.

If any of those terms are new to you (Cosmos, Light Gen, HDRI, etc) then be sure to take our free course on Rendering exteriors for V-Ray on SketchUp Campus.

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