No scale-units to choose from when trying to print to scale

Sorry, I missed the last question. Yes I did use run as administrator.

Yeah. If it’s private I won’t be able to access it.

OK. I’ll see if I can make it public Sorry for the newbie mistake…

It’s now public.

BTW, I tried printing with a completely different file. Same result.

So no numbers at all?

Correct. And no units.

Exactly the same picture as Baksteen’s original question.


Check this out:

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YES!!! Thanks so much Dave! It now seems to be working perfectly. I’ll be back if any further issues…Cheers, Brian

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Well, not entirely perfect:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
If XPS doc writer is selected as the default, the print preview dialog box is fully populated. If MY printer is selected as the default, it’s all blank again. However, If I leave the XPS doc writer as the default and then select the real printer in the preview dialog box, the fields remain populated and can be changed BUT, when I show the preview and then tell it to actually print, the dialog box reappears, now WITHOUT any numbers showing. The good news is: the printout seems to use the numbers that were there before they disappeared.
I guess it’s workable, but most odd.
Thanks again for your help.

Out of curiosity, have have you tried a cold reboot of your computer after following the advice from that other post?

I believe I did, but I’ll certainly try that again and let you know…BTW, how does one get back to the private messages? I want to heed your tip but now I can’t find it again :frowning:

Click on your avatar at the upper right corner of the main window.

Hello again. I’m now trying to send construction-style plan and elevation drawings to a print-shop to print out to scale on their “standard” 24" by 36" paper, at 1/4"=1’ or whatever. Their machinery accepts only TIFF, JPG, PDF or DWF formats. The only print setup that allows me to enter scales into the print dialog is XPS, and I can select a D-size sheet there (22" by 34"). I can print to PDF of course, but the scales then seem to get lost. Surely many people are doing this successfully. Can anyone help out?

Yes they are. They are using SketchUp Pro and LayOut which makes this a walk in the park. Doing what you want with Make is not very simple. You can export an image and they can monkey around with scaling it to fit the scale you’re after but they’ll likely charge you extra.

OK, so that’s the only option?

I don’t mind not simple, but not possible is something else altogether…

Again, it is possible if your print shop is willing to take the time to to play around to get the scale set correctly. With LayOut, there’s no screwing around. Set the viewport to the correct scale to fit the desired paper size, export a PDF and e-mail it to the print shop.

The other day I sent a project over to Staples for printing. Had an e-mail in about 45 minutes indicating it was done. Checked the measurements and it was right on.

OK. Thanks again. I’ll bite the bullet & move to Pro & Layout. Hopefully I won’t have to bother you again :slight_smile: