No units available in print to scale menu

I have put the model in parallel projection, and top standard view, but when I try to enter a scale in the Print dialog box, there are no units available in the drop down menu for either Scale or Page size. I have tried typing in ‘Inches’ and ‘Feet’ but still only get to print exactly what I see on the screen. I have also tried reinstalling (repairing) Sketchup Make 2017, but no luck. Is there a simple solution to this issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

This old tutorial might still help for Windows users:

Failing that, you could export a large image and then crop that and scale to an exact size in an image editor.

I did view that thank you, as well as a number of other tutorials and videos all showing people having no problems with this function. I can’t believe I am the only one experiencing this problem.

I may try a technique someone uses to prevent print paper waste. He scales up a 8 1/2" x 11" page to fit over the model (at 3/32" scale that would be page size times 128) then maneuvers the visible window to the borders of the imagined huge piece of paper. I shouldn’t have to do it this way.

It comes pretty close but still not exact.

Thank you anyway.

You could use Eneroth Viewport Resizer from the Extension Warehouse to resize the viewport so its proportions match the printable area on the paper.

I’ll try that, thank you.

Any idea why I’m having this problem?

Maybe a lack of understanding of how SketchUp’s print utility works. The model window determines the shape of the area that gets printed. SketchUp will fit the the window onto the page. Choose the paper orientation to appropriately align with the model. Make the window so its aspect ratio matches the paper. Zoom extentsto make the model fill the window as closely as possible.

If you have to do this more than once every so often and your time has any value, you might find it worthwhile to use LayOut. The process to get to printing to scale is much simpler, doesn’t require modifying the SketchUp window shape or any of the other gymnastics. And you’ll be able to get higher quality print outs.

No, not that. Why doesn’t it show anything in the drop down unit menu?

Your Camera might be set to Perspective. Scaled output requires that you use Parallel Projection.

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You’d think so but no, as I mentioned, I set it to parallel projection with a standard top down view.

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