No more automatic recording


Bonjour, depuis que j’ai installé la version 2015 de SUPro
je ne peux plus faire d’enregistrement automatique
Est-ce que c’est lié? mais les nouveaux fichiers SU que je crée n’ont pas de logo dans les fenêtres du finder (sous mac OS X)
et je ne peux faire de mise à jour de mes fichiers SU dans lay out…
merci de votre aide

Hello, still I Download the SU2015 version there is no more automatic record of my project.
and my new file have no SU logo in the finder (Mac OS X) .
Also I can’t do an automatic updated in Lay out of my SU import.
Thanks for your help…


sometimes a restart of the mac will fix this, or a restart in ‘Safe’ mode will reset all permissions the easy way…
Google mac ‘Safe mode’ for French instructions…

If that doesn’t help, use ‘Get Info’ on a .skp file and use ‘Open With’ to set SU v15 and then ‘Change All’ to make it work for others…


Thanks a lot it seems to work :smile:
But I don’t know why I still have no SU logo with the file in the finder.
but I have once with LayOut file :slight_smile:


if your on a retina display, your icon ‘size’ may be to small to show in ‘Finder’, someone else had this issue and when I checked the SU icon misses one of the ‘normal’ sizes in it’s icon… moving the slider above 128 should work…
~/Library/Caches folder to trash
Macintosh HD/Library/Caches folder to trash
restart your mac
get my Add_Icons mac plugin and have proper icons …