No memory available, SU uses more than 150GB virtual memory


Hi all, since a few days I have a problem when rendering scenes in V-ray. During redenering SU uses just 4GB of RAM but more than 150GB of virtual memory. My Mac freezes.

I read about problems with 3D Connection (mouse) drivers and plug-ins. But I have a Logitech mouse and just a few plug-ins (Laubwerk and Skatter).

Specs: Mac OSX Sierra, 24GB RAM, 300GB free spade on SSD, SU Pro 2016, skp file 200mb with a few proxies.

Can anybody help me with this?


I’ve got exactly the same problem.
Task Manager reports 100% Disk utilisation, while CPUs are showing less that 30% load.
It’s so bad that now I dread starting any renders for fear that 6 hours in - my system crashes without warning.


Are you using the latest version of V-Ray? Some older ones have this memory leak.


Thanks for your reply. And yes, I use the latest version of V-ray.


Anybody an idea?
And does it make sense that Sketchup uses just 4GB of RAM while I have 24GB of RAM?


I draw one single box in Sketchup, about 10 minutes later 40GB of Swap Ram has been created. The program eventually stalls and I have to kill Sketchup to be able to continue other work. No V-Ray only a Logitech mouse. Running MacBook Pro 2016 on High Sierra with all the latest updates.

Did any solution show up on this thread?