Memory leak? Sketchup taking huge amounts of ram on Apple Silicon mac

Sketchup 2021 seems to be using huge amounts of ram on my M1 mac, even with small medium to low complexity files.

In the occasion of the screenshot I happened to be working on a 100mb file while setting up vray, but this behavior happens regardless of using the renderer.

It’s more noticeable when opening and closing files within the same Sketchup instance. Looks like when you close a file Sketchup wont wipe the memory that was in use, indicating some sort of memory leak issue.

I also have been noticing a 2-6 seconds lag when switching between file windows depending on the model complexity/size. Even though you can zoom in and out with the mouse over an inactive window.

Are you, by chance, using a 3D mouse?

Oh sorry! Forgot to mention that I’m aware of this issue. Unfortunately no. Never had. Brand new mac, not restored from any backup.