Experience with eGPU, iMac, SketchUp and V-ray rendering?

A few months ago I posted a problem. At the moment I still have the same problem: rendering a SketchUp file of approx. 250mb with V-ray (dimensions 3.840 x 1.920 pixels) results in a memory leak. SketchUp uses more than 30gb of RAM! Rendering 1.920 x 1.080 is no problem. I have an iMac (late 2016 I think) with an i5 processor and 32gb RAM. I don’t use a 3D connection mouse. No one had a working solution for me :confused:.

I am thinking about buying an external GPU. Can anyone tell me if that would be a solution for my problem or -even better- has anyone some experience with such a configuration?

Show me Your file, I think 30Gb is too much, maybe you should optimize your file?

What would you exactly like to see? The file is approx. 300MB and I purged unused items.

geometry, materials, etc

Thanks for your reply! This is a screenshot.

In this model, I used a lot of glass material, but in other models I used a lot less glass. The trees are meshes of Laubwerk. As you can see I use a lot of different materials, some with displacement maps, but mostly without displacement.

I wanted to try render it on my PC and look a little bit deeper into a model.

Try to remove greenery etc. and compare ram usage.

300MB seems very large for a Sketchup file with the statistics you show.

I’ve been working on (parts) of a 300MB file, which in full has tens of millions of edges, tens of thousands of component instances, and quite a lot of different textures and images, some quite large.

I don’t really understand why your file is so big.

Do you have very large images and/or high density textures? I can’t otherwise see where the MB could be coming from.

@roju: removing greenery doesn’t help. Most of them are vrmeshes too,
@john_mcclenahan: I use multiple large textures (6k/ 8k), also with different maps like reflection.

That of itself wouldn’t account for hundreds of MB of file size, looking at your image. You don’t seem to have room for thousands of replications of the images.

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