No images on 3D Warehouse since today


I’m French and I am writing to the help of google translation. does not please me if I do not do research on this topic …
Since this morning, the images of my projects are no longer shown on 3D Warehouse …
on any of my 4 machines …
Attached is a screenshot …
Anyone else with this problem?

Thank you.


Yes, our renderbots got behind - I noticed this about 4 hours ago, and if you’ve uploaded anything recently, sit tight: they’re scaling up and will catch up in the next 90 minutes, or my name isn’t Wile E. Coyote.


So you are using the Acme renderbot?



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Phew … I thought AC was related to the updating of Windows 10 who seized my computer at the same time …


Ho.hoooo…The problèm is the same this morning…;-(

OOOPS…It’s OK now…


Yes, there will be times when we get behind, it’s not completely fixed and we monitor constantly. I’ll post here when I think it’s fixed.


Any estimated time when the 3d warehouse will be made available again? I noticed it’s still down today and has been down off and on all week.


It’s not “down”, it’s just that we get behind on rendering thumbnails and creating all versions you see in the download button. So it should work for you. If it isn’t, describe please.

We’ve also noticed that when someone fails on an upload from a browser (not from SketchUp) for whatever reason (spotty internet, intermittent internet, killed the download), that we could handle this better. We’ll be doing some hotfixes to improve this and other behavior, but again, it should be working for you.


The behavior is very sporadic. One minute it’s working fine, then for the next hour the warehouse screen is blank or comes up with “Navigation to the webpage was canceled”. I noticed it usually stops working after doing a search. This is in Sketchup Pro 2015. If I give it an hour or so, it sometimes comes back up.

If I go to the warehouse via Firefox/Chrome/IE11 it works fine (albeit slow). It’s only failing in Sketchup. Cache and temp files removed, resulting in no change.


We just applied a hotfix that, while it might not eliminate, will greatly reduce this happening. Le me know if the behavior continues starting… now!



New problem … here is in full screen display … weed …


What browser/platform, from our site or embedded on another site, etc…


Our hotifx push did it’s job, as I monitored it over the week-end, things looked very good. We hope that users in parts of the world with slow internet access and larger models will now be able to upload successfully, and the rendering kept up, too. So the basic post that started this thread is closed. So we don’t conflate information, start new threads for other bugs you might observe.


The problem is still there, I can not view in full screen unless I go through the roration mode.
I’m on Google Chrome … here’s a link for example


Hi @decochalet

New to this thread. What is the issue? I can go full-screen with your embedded model in Chrome v43.



Yes It Works from this page because the full-screen view through the rotation in order.
On this link, if you want to switch to full screen mode without passing through the rotation mode, it does not work …


The first image is a simple snapshot of the model, so if you hit full screen it will open the snapshot full screen but it is a limited size image. If you then do ctrl+scroll wheel it will zoom to full screen.
By clicking the rotation icon you move into the model itself so full screen then is true full screen.


I worked for 6 months with your platform, and when I clicked on the full screen function, I had the enlarged model in full screen … stretched course, but in full screen. Last 2 or 3 weeks ca no longer works like that … but … ok

thank you