No Entity Data Returned

I just installed pro 2021. I had the trial version I built a model in and it was not letting me use dynamic components options. I purchased a subscription and the opened the model it still would not work.
Started a new file - copied the model from the old file into the new one and the dynamic component worked once but would not work when I tried another dynamic component.
Started new blank file without a the model in it- opened a dynamic component was able to change the paramiters in the dynamic options. copied it made it unique and was able to change the copy.
inserted new different dynamic component and it will not let me access the dynamic component optins in the second one I downloaded. Seems dynamic component options will only let me do one component per model then it quits working and gives me the error I uploaded the pic of above Please help

Did you install SketchUp correctly? To make sure, close SketchUp, find the installer file you downloaded (probably still in your Downloads folder), right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then if prompted, choose the Repair option.

Open the Window > Ruby Console (first thing) and see if any Ruby errors are reported when you have DC problems.