Dynamic component - error

I am a French user of the student version of Sketchup pro 2018.
When I want to use the dynamic components, here is the obtained error messages.
I uninstalled the extension to reinstall it after but it’s the same thing!
A solution for me?

… and after this message.

Why would you be getting an error message related to a webpage if you are using Pro 2018? Seems odd.

Not odd in the least. The Dynamic Components extension windows (and that of many extensions) are webdialogs. Ie, it is a web browser instance running in a window frame, that display extension webforms which often use javascript code (as you see there is a javascript error in the DC’s extension’s "dcbridge.js" file, where code is asking for a "length" property on an object reference which references NULL. The NULL object does not have such a named property, so this results in the error we see.)

Please attach the dynamic component file so it can be examined.

@DanRathbun I know you are speaking English because I recognize the words. Beyond that…

… you do not understand. (Remember that you did ask.)

Well, insert a dynamic component into an empty model and select it.
Then open the 2 DC manager dialogs.

They are window frames with webpages displayed inside them.
These webpages consist of webforms (driven by DHTML, JavaScript code and CSS stylesheet files,) that talk to SketchUp via it’s Ruby API.
Changing attribute controls in these webforms manipulate the dynamic component.

The question was rhetorical. And I’m pulling your leg a bit. I’m a Brit so, you know, it kinda comes with the territory!

But you have helped explain something I genuinely didn’t understand, so thank you for that.

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Hello Dan. Thanks for your help.
Sorry I was not available since last Thursday…
1/ When I insert an exemple dynamic component (for example the bench supplied by Sketchup), the tools are OK and works well).
2/ My projet doesn’t work… thus it comes from my project. But i don’t understand what…

We cannot help you unless you attach the component SKP file here in the forum.

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OK. Sorry.
Here is the SKP file.C01 - Meuble dynamique v180314.skp (150.1 KB)

I don’t have v18 on this computer so perhaps someone else will take a look.

There aren’t any attributes applied, so perhaps the wrong file?

Naming a component 'Dynamic’doesn’t make it so…

version16.skp (405.1 KB)

Hello Mike.
In first I change the file name “Dynamic” by DYN.
But it’s the same thing. Please find the videosreen.https://global.discourse-cdn.com/sketchup/original/3X/2/a/2ad4ffb152da6ad8ab51c307d7f42983406b6d24.mp4

Ah, I see you have a different problem, the dialogs won’t display properly.
Have you installed SketcHup the right way?
Many posts here on the forum:

Did you try rightclicking on the component and then choose Dynamic components>attributes?

OK. I try this procedure in administrator status and repair Sketchup. But it’s the same thing. I try too the rightclicking and it’s always the same problem!

Status or logged in as an admin is not the same as right clicking on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’
Perhaps clearing the cache of the standard browser will help.

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